Tomorrow Never Knows is a collaboration of singer-songwriters and producers Sam Wade and Jeremy McDonald, friends of nearly 30 years who originated the scores of songs while in their teens, went on separate journeys but came together again in 2020 to finally finish what they started. In late 2020 they released their collection of songs simply called 'No.1".

Sam Wade is a singer-songwriter and producer, and a previous frontman of several bands, including Saturn V Rockets (available on all music platforms) and Controlled Fires.  He also toured with Dallas-based band Oil Boom.  

Jeremy McDonald is a singer-songwriter and producer, and previous frontman for the band The Stash in St. Louis.  He is a long-standing podcast producer and has maintained a public presence in raising awareness and education about life with early onset Parkinson’s.  

Both Jeremy and Sam also host a weekly music-themed podcast called Two Tape Decks And A Mixing Board where they talk about life through the lens of music.